Bio Mass Wood Pellets

Culzean has entered the market sector of Bio Mass Fuels in the shape of Wood Pellets. This product is a great fit for a company that has its roots in the Timber trade business. Wood pellets are a natural product to diversify into as many of the manufacturers producing this product are also heavily involved in the Forest Products sector.


We have established a great working relationship with another Forest Product company to bring this product offering to the UK market, that company is Edminston & Mitchells.


Culzean have been working with Edminston & Mitchell for a number of years supplying timber to the UK trade and have built an excellent working relationship between both companies. This was an easy fit and progression for both companies to launch into the Wood Pellet market.


Exclusive agreements have been signed with major pellet manufacturers to supply their product to the ever expanding UK market. With market demand set to boom over the coming years this is the right time to get involved.


We are able to offer 15kg bags, 1MT bags and Loose Bulk. Our manufacturer has a capacity of 100,000MT per month so the supply chain is very secure.


All pellets are EN Plus A1 certified, chain of Custody and with Edminston & Mitchells registered with the BSL all customers are able to claim the RHI rebates without any issues.


Depending on your requirements we are able to offer a door to door service via containers (15kg bags only) or we can deliver 1MT Bags or loose bulk to the customer’s quay operations. All loose bulk are shipped on a CIF basis, FOB can be offered if required.


For pricing please contact the office by phone, fax or e-mail. We are happy to price for spot and forward contacts.


If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact the office.





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