Engineered Timber

Culzean have a wide range of Engineered timber suitable for a number of uses within the timber industry sector.


The Products are highly engineered wood products designed to combine high performance and aesthetic appeal. They are made by joining/gluing multiple pieces of material together.


Why Engineered timber?


Dimensional Stability: The multi-layer construction of Engineered Timber stabilises the finished product so that it moves in a more uniform way compared to solid wood.

Reduced Handling: The components are of regular sizes, the faces are clean and clear, making handling and storage easier and more efficient.

Uniform Performance: Engineered components are consistently graded and dried, giving a uniform performance and appearance.

Material Costs: Costs based on yield of solid wood vs Engineered Timber could save
approx. 25%.


Labour Costs: Engineered Timber is easy to assemble keeping labour costs to a minimum.

Waste: Made to measure components could result in 30% less waste and lower associated costs.

Flawless: Engineered products are free from knots, splits and staining.

Environmentally Friendly: Waste is produced at the source of manufacture and is recycled back into other wood products.


Bespoke Products

Products for individual projects, satisfying the most demanding specifications. Components include: passive window and door components, thermally modified timber with improved dimensional stability,  Air-o-therm window components and Glulam laminated beams. To discuss your bespoke requirements, please contact our Office



Products Available


✔  Stair parts • Strings • Treads • Risers • Newel posts


✔ Door    Components • Stiles • Rails • Frames


✔   Window Components • Frames •  Sash or Casements



The above items are available in various dimensions and species


Redwood – Pinus Sylvestris

Red Grandis – Euclyptus Grandis

European Oak – Quercus Robur

Sapele – Entandrophragma Cylindricum


All products are sourced directly from the manufacturer and all of our suppliers have been personally visited by senior personnel within the business to ensure full compliance with our business ethos and ensure they understand the high standards that we expect from our product providers.


For product information and pricing please contact the office and we will be more than happy to deal with your enquiries and orders










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