Machined Rounded Posts (MRP) and Cundy Poles


Description – Cundy Poles

The Cundy Peeled Round Stake is a brilliant component for a broad range of fencing jobs. ‘Cundy’ means that the timber has been roughly cut, with the bark scraped off. The cut of the stake is therefore not uniform.


Cundy peeled round stakes are suitable for post and rail fencing or other fence types including wire and agricultural fencing.


The Cundy round stakes are also ideal for supporting the growth of young trees.


We can offer this product treated or untreated, the treated used will comply with UC4 which will enhance the life span of the product.


Culzean are able to offer all dimensions and lengths, both in rounds and half rounds. These sizes can be mixed to make up a full load if required or just one size one length per load, whichever is best for our customers.


Description - MRP

From 1.2m x 50mm to 3.6m x 200mm we are able to supply a huge range of machined round  posts suitable  for an  unlimited variety of fencing and landscaping applications.


All our round posts for driving are four way pointed for easy and efficient installation.


In addition the opposite end of each post is chamfered to reduce damage caused when driving in.


We chamfer both ends of all our non-pointed posts to give an altogether more pleasing appearance, also, finishing the posts both ends allows our customers the flexibility to cut sizes from stock as the task requires.


Machined rounds are available UC4 treated, Pressure Treated Green or Untreated






General Information

All our products are imported directly from the mills we deal with, either from the Baltics or Germany, so we can offer a number of delivery methods, directly to your yard, FOM UK port, FOB a Baltic port (usually Riga) or FAS in a Baltic port.


Culzean are able to service one of loads, multi load orders and forward orders of a given period of time.


We can also offer Creosote as a method of treatment if required, this will be a pressure treatment and not a dip treatment as offered by other companies.


As always we work very closely with our suppliers to ensure they produce an excellent product for us to take to market and that they operate under the same ethos as our company.


Please contact our offices with your enquiries, our sales staff will be happy to help and deal with your enquiries.


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